IMPORTANT INFO – MacBook Air (Nov 2018) with USB-C: Do not order the last generation size listed as "13' MBA". Read this tweet first for a compatible size.

IMPORTANT INFO – iPad Pro 11" & 12.9" (Nov 2018): Do not order the last generation size listed as "iPad Pro 12.9". Read this tweet first about compatible sizes.
Welcome to foof, where we invented the stylish protective fabric sleeve for the MacBook & introduced to the world the beautiful & simple 'foofpod design' soft case for use with Apple iPhone & iPod.
Black Label - Limited Edition

What's a foof?

A foof is a luxurious and elegant soft pouch, a sleeve cover, featuring a design embodying environmental responsibility through simplicity and beauty. Free of silicone, plastic and completely biodegradable.

Your device is snug fitted and safe in a soft sherpa fleece that protects from drops and scratches and bumps yet allows for quick and easy removal through the slot opening.

We use beautiful long wearing fabrics that often out live the shelf life of the item it is designed to protect.

Made for your MacBook, iPad or iPhone.
(and fits some other devices too)

About our foof sleeves…

arrowWhat sort of protection can i expect?
foof sleeves are designed for use inside your pocket, purse, briefcase or bag. They're great for added protection against scratches from keys and everything else you have rattling around and lurking in its depths. Meanwhile you get that added bonus of providing your phone, tablet or laptop with a bit of style at the same time (to match your own of course).

In summary, foof products will protect your phone, tablet or laptop from minor bumps, drops and booboos. It is not designed for rough handling and major impacts.

Inside and out. The fabric.

Nice and snug. The fit.

Eco friendly. Biodegradable.

Simple. Beautiful. Lasting.

Fitting and care

Having trouble with your foof?

Visit our self help, care & instructions page

customer service feedback

"Your service was exceptional, ordering to receiving it was a matter of days, all the way from Oz!"

"Your service has been absolutely fantastic and the products look even nicer than on your site…"

"I'd like to say thanks for answering my questions so quickly! I've never had such good customer support before"

"I wanted to say how great the experience was in dealing with foof… From my initial enquiry, through the ordering process, order status and receiving the sleeve - the whole process has been great!"

"You guys are awesome for bringing some hand-made quality goodness back to life!"


Supported devices

We make sizes for various 'naked' Apple devices. Check out our list of made-to-fit models:


MacBook Air

MacBook Pro



iPod touch

Identifying your model…

Also fits…

Guess what? Our foof's can also fit a variety of other similarly sized devices.

Be aware that the fit will vary and may not be our recommended 'snug-fit'. Where we advise of a tight fit, choose a cotton based style of foof as it provides needed stretch.

Samsung Galaxy S & Note

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Google Pixel & Nexus

Sony Xperia X & Z

HTC / LG / OnePlus & Others

Found other things that fit?

proud foof owners comments (MacBook)

"My foofbag is really exceptional. Very well built and fits my need exactly. It's also comforting to know that this product wasn't made by an underpaid Chinese worker…"

"Just wanted to let you know that I love love LOVE my foof. It's my favourite thing in the world right now… Which considering I also have a new Macbook Air is quite impressive!"

"…it's wonderful and has already traveled around the world, guaranteed to delight all security officials…"


proud foof owners comments (iPhone & iPod)

"I ordered a foofpod about two years ago and it still looks like new. Just recently, I ordered a foofpod for my iPhone and since then my new gadget looks even better in its stylish wear! Even to the point that I had to order the same one for a friend of mine"

"Just received my iPhone and iPad covers - that was fast!! Absolute fan of both and happy I didn't waste money on something generic from the Apple Store or JB. Next on the wish list is a sleeve for the MacBook :)"

"I LOVE my foofpod! The service, quality and delivery has easily exceeded my expectations! I am so happy, I can just foof! I will definitely be back for more"


Prices in AUD

All prices shown are in Australian Dollars $AUD.

For Australian customers, 10% GST is included in the marked price.

$AUD Conversion

Exchange rates provides a estimate only and can vary by about 2–5% depending on your banks conversion rate and transaction fees.

You can covert AUD into your currency with a live exchange rate calculator like

If paying with PayPal it will confirm the conversion rate you will be charged at payment through their payment portal.

Updates and offers

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Reviews and photos

arrowIs there a customer video review?
Of course! And where else to start looking but on YouTube, look heres one.

arrowIs there a customer foof review?
Here's one we have archived from the MacRumors forum [Download PDF].

We converted it to a PDF. It's un-edited and used with permission from the forum poster.

arrowDo you have more photos?
Try a quick Google image search. Our customers have been taking photos of their foofs for over a decade.

media, blog and forum reviews

"Through security, customs, several long flights (…) my phone felt secure and protected the entire time. Not only that, but the cover stayed clean and snug far beyond what I would originally have expected of a fabric cover. The fleece inner is soft and tight, providing a great protective fit and having the added benefit of polishing the screen every time I put my phone away. Overall, I am very impressed with the quality and finishing of these sleeves…"
Kimono Tsuki (Jan 2017)

"Can accommodate the original Apple iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 2 with the Smart Cover attached to it. The snug fit of the new case gently hugs the tablet, keeping it inside at all times and preventing accidental slip outs. The one-end opening allows easy access to the tablet whenever and wherever you need it"
tablet2cases (Mar 2012)

"I’m a fan of the foof-bag. It’s curiously named and curiously styled, but it’s magnetic, figuratively magnetic, in its ability to attract random people from around the office who proceed to try and wear it as a hat, and revel in the sheer coziness of this very alternative case."
gadgetoid (Jun 2011)