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Welcome to foof, where we invented the stylish protective fabric sleeve for the MacBook & introduced to the world the beautiful & simple 'foofpod design' soft case for use with Apple iPhone & iPod.
Black Label - Limited Edition
Protect your iPhone, iPad, iPod or MacBook without hiding its beautiful and considered design aesthetic behind poorly conceived bulky plastic and silicone cases. Slip it inside a exquisite foof sleeve when you aren't using it to protect your device from sharp objects and scratches whilst kept in your bag or pocket. And then when you take it out, use it like it was designed and intended to be used. A foof is a luxurious and elegant soft pouch, a design aesthetic embodying simplicity, beauty and environmental responsibility. Free of silicone, plastic, rubber and neoprene that doesn't biodegrade. Your device is snug fitted and safe in a soft sherpa fleece that protects from drops and scratches and bumps yet allows for quick and easy removal through the slot opening. We use beautiful long wearing fabrics that often out live the item it is designed to protect.

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What's a Sleeve?

A foofbag is a protective iPad or MacBook sleeve cover or MacBook soft case pouch.

A foofpod is an iPhone or iPod Touch pouch, sleeve or soft case.

foofbag customer comments

"i've been looking for something as simple and elegant as your foofbag for about 10 years"

"i LOVE my foofbag and in the short time I've been using it, I've already gotten dozens of compliments"

"Just wanted to let you know that I have received my fantastic Foofbag! What a great piece of kit, so nice to be able to get something so different to all the readily available Macbook cases"

"my foofbag is now protecting its third laptop, and still going strong!"


Supported Sizes

We support various naked Apple devices. Check to see the models supported below:

Supported MacBook models

Supported MacBook Air models

Supported MacBook Pro models

Supported iPad Air models

Supported iPad mini models

Supported iPad 2–4 models

Supported iPhone models

Supported iPhone Plus model

Supported iPod touch models

foofpod customer comments

"Just received my iPhone and iPad covers - that was fast!! Absolute fan of both and happy I didn't waste money on something generic from the apple store or JB. Next on the wish list is a sleeve for the MacBook :)"

"they leave no scratches and they are stylish too. great for people who like to enjoy their original iPods design and also keep their iPod protected."

"i LOVE my Foofpod! The service, quality and delivery has easily exceeded my expectations! I am so happy, I can just Foof! I will definitely be back for more"

"...thanks again, for making the only decent iPod case on the web. If anyone thinks one of those silicon skin things is going anywhere near my ipod, they can think again!!"

"They fit snug over my iPod, no need to hide it behind some rubbery lint magnet silicon rubber case."


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customer service feedback

"I wanted to say how great the experience was in dealing with Foof.. From my initial enquiry, through the ordering process, order status and receiving the sleeve - the whole process has been great!"

"Thank you very much again for the speedy responses and helpfulness - A breath of fresh air for the internet shopping world!"

"Your service was exceptional, ordering to receiving it was a matter of days, all the way from Oz!"

"your service has been absolutely fantastic and the products look even nicer than on your site..."


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media, blog & forum reviews

(tablet2cases - Mar 2012)

"Can accommodate the original Apple iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 2 with the Smart Cover attached to it. The snug fit of the new case gently hugs the tablet, keeping it inside at all times and preventing accidental slip outs. The one-end opening allows easy access to the tablet whenever and wherever you need it"

(gadgetoid - Jun 2011)

"I’m a fan of the Foof-Bag. It’s curiously named and curiously styled, but it’s magnetic, figuratively magnetic, in its ability to attract random people from around the office who proceed to try and wear it as a hat, and revel in the sheer coziness of this very alternative case."

(ifans - Apr 2011)

"The foofbag.. does exactly what I needed it to; provide protection when I'm traveling with my MacBook. The price is more than fair for the quality of the sleeve. I highly recommend it to anyone."